Long Exposure Photography – Sharples Alberta

Long Exposure Photography - Sharples Alberta


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Ever wonder how long exposure photos are taken – stretched clouds, silky sky, have people buried in your image, etc. Here is your opportunity.

September 10, 2022
7:30 am
2 pm

Ever wonder how long exposure photos are taken – stretched clouds, silky sky, have people buried in your image, etc? Here is your opportunity.

Photography is being creative with your photos and having a creative mind. If you think you have all of that, that is great, because I want you in this workshop. If your photography skills are subpar, I highly recommend taking this workshop. You are strongly interested in improving your composition and working in manual mode (M); I welcome you to this workshop.

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The workshop will take place at a location I will communicate with after the registration is paid. I want to keep the location secret. The travel time is about 1.5h.

Departure from Calgary is 7:30 am, and arrival at the destination is 9 am. The workshop will run from 9 am to 2 pm.

The workshop will give you an incredible photography experience; you can take your learnings from the workshops and add them to your photography arsenal.

The duration of the workshop is 4.5 hours give or take.

I will provide individual water bottles and snacks and some of my superb baking!

What to Bring:

FRESH Batteries


Lenses – wide and telephoto

MUST HAVE ND filters – 3 stop, 6 stop or a 10 stop- I have filters that I can share.

Remote – a must for long exposure

If you think this workshop is not for you, that is great, but you will miss out on how to improve your photography, and you will continue to be disappointed with your photography and be a subpar photographer.

What I can’t promise for the workshop – clouds and wind!

The group is limited to 5 as I want the learning to be amazing, and I can answer your questions.

I am fully vaccinated with my 3rd shot. To be part of the workshop, I want everyone to be comfortable; vaccination is required.

I have posted a few images from the location, and your creativity is endless. Creativity is great, but SAFETY is #1! A safety talk will occur before we start shooting.

I will provide a day’s schedule when you have registered and paid your deposit.

What happens if it rains? Photography does not only happen with it is sunny, no wind, etc. Best photos are taken when the weather is not at its best. If it is raining, the workshop will be rescheduled.

What to wear: Don’t wear shorts, a swimsuit, sandals, you know. You MUST dress for the unexpected change in weather.

I am a registered business.

You can review my Google Reviews to see what people are saying about my workshops.

Transportation: Not included in the workshop, but we can discuss it.

Portfolio: yvesphotography.com

IG: gagnonyves

More information? you can email me at info@phtographycoursescalgary.com or at 587-433-8771.


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