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Meet your new Photography Coach

Learning photography should not be complicated; it should be easy. You have a digital camera but are afraid to use it, or you feel overwhelmed with all the functions on your camera. You have used your camera occasionally while traveling, but when reviewing your photos, you are disappointed because your photos are blurry, have no storytelling, and are too dark and bright. 

Hello, my name is Yves Gagnon, and I have over 20 years of experience helping people as a Career Counselor, Life Coach, and Mentor; I know a thing or two about helping people. Let me be your photography coach, and you will take professional photos.

I have developed a series of unique small group photography workshops in Calgary and surrounding areas. The small group photography workshops will start your photography journey and take you to the next level. I only take 3 to 5 students in the workshop to allow a significant amount of 1:1 with myself as your instructor.

The hands-on photography workshops will introduce you to your basic camera settings to the more advanced technics.

You can view the small group workshops here or on Eventbrite. You can view my portfolio or view my Instagram at gagnonyves. You can view my Google reviews and see what people say about my workshops.

I am looking forward to having you in a workshop and having you start your photography journey.

Remember, your camera is your paintbrush, and the world is your canvas. Learning photography is not as complicated as it seems.

We made Capturing moments as it Happens more Fun and very Simple

Did you know that in the past few years, the demand for photography training has exploded,  and that resulted in an overall surge of the next gold rush for photography training (don’t miss the opportunity)?  Did you know that photography courses Calgary can help you improve your photography skills?

There are thousands and thousands of photographers out there; everywhere you look, it seems like everybody is a professional photographer, but guess What?? They’re still making mistakes when taking shots, like overexposed or underexposed pics; some have poor composition and blurry pics…

So, how can you stand out with your exceptional photography skill? That’s why I’ve created various photography workshops at photography courses Calgary.

Welcome to Photography Courses Calgary, where you will find a variety of UNIQUE small-group photography workshops that’ll teach you everything you need to know about photography.

With me, you’ll get out of using ‘Auto Mode’ or ‘Programme Mode,’ start taking perfect shots, Creating outstanding photos, editing your photos and becoming the photographer you have always wanted to be.

That’s what pushed me to create different specialized small-group photography courses in Calgary with the aim of helping beginners and intermediates boost their skills fast. 

Don’t Just Read It, Start your successful Photography journey Today!!

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